HALO is a creative studio based in Shanghai of China. We make images of unbuilt architecture. Our team of hand-picked artists cater to architectural practices from all over the world.
HALO is the old HOMELY. As our kind oversea clients remind us that Homely is unattractive in English, we decided to change our English name to HALO. Our ambition is to establish a well-known rendering practice bringing innovative ideas and sustainable solutions across the world.

Image philosophy

HALO aims to achieve photo-realistic renderings; In the visual arts, it is the accurate depiction of life forms, perspective, and the details of light and colour.Visual realism is a symbol of the artist's sincerity and honesty.

Studio philosophy

We are good listeners and explorers.
We will try the alternate way to create win-win situation.
Our clients benefit from our ever lasting curiosity and unstopping will
to analyze, create and invent.

Our Strengths

--Absolute reliability in providing excellent services
--Full design quality control
--High quality of production and client satisfaction
--Economical and quick production of projects

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